Speaker Distance AVR Settings

You can have an amazing setup and still have it sound muddy and off. Adjusting your speaker distance settings on your AVR can really improve your sound, even if you don’t have something like Audyssey. You are basically accounting for the speed of light (electrical signal through wire @ 186,000 miles per SECOND) vs the speed of sound (sound waves from your speaker @ 680-761 mph, depending on altitude).

Rather than giving you complicated formulas and delay settings in milliseconds, most AVR makers are really nice to us mathematically challenged end users and simply ask for distance in feet (or meters), and they do the math and the proper delay settings.

The AVR I’m using in the video is a Denon X2000, which is now an X2100 and will probably change names again, but it is a decent base unit with Audyssey which would handle this task for you. With the Denon AVR, I suggest turning Dynamic volume off.


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