This is a site designed to simplify the search for high quality home audio and bass, with a strong emphasis on value. I’m essentially sharing my successes and failures in home audio, and aside from this project, I’m a layperson who has never worked in the audio industry. I’ve figured a few things out, and I’m still learning as I go. 

I started doing buying guides on YouTube, focusing on purchases that can break your brain. Having severe Fibromyalgia, my brain gets broken pretty easily, so I started doing reviews that I would have found useful myself. Paying it forward I guess, as other reviews had helped me make decisions.

I’m a limited one man show because of my health, something you will notice in the lack of production value, editing, and action in my videos. I shoot a few videos at a time when I feel good enough, which is about once or twice a month, so I have to be efficient. Hopefully that doesn’t ruin your experience, it’s the best I can personally manage.

I don’t sell anything directly (yet), but I do add affiliate links that make sense in order to pay the electric bill and kibble for the talent, so if you follow links and buy almost anything, it could earn commissions for this site, even if it’s not related to home theater.

Clicking an Amazon link to a movie, and then buying a dog toy for your own furry friend, or nearly anything else, can earn a commission for this site. I don’t ask my audience to do anything for me that would cost them anything extra. Likes, comments, shares, and subscribing are all free, and all are valuable to me.  

It would be MUCH easier to make money with less expensive and more recognizable brands, but I think it would leave my audience short-changed. In that way I am limited. I could easily promote overpriced clock radios simply because of name recognition, but I’m not Forrest Gump telling little white lies about ping-pong paddles.

Performance must be spot on for me to discuss a subwoofer in a positive light, and I’m fortunate that a few of my favorite sub makers have been interested in offering their support. Can’t hit down to 20 hertz cleanly and with authority? It won’t make the list.  

It’s easy to find main speakers that produce from 100-20,000 hertz. Finding a sub that works well and evenly across the range of 20-100 hertz sounds simple enough, but that’s exactly why this site exists. It’s fairly uncommon.

This site is designed for simplicity. You can find brain splitting tech anywhere. I’m condensing it (feel free laugh, I know I’m long winded) for regular guys who just want better sound without having to earn a double doctorate in the process. It gives me a headache, so I know others have the same problem.

These are just my thoughts, and they will change and evolve. I’m a guy with a camera and an internet connection who finally found great bass, and I felt like I should share it with the rest of the world. Good bass shouldn’t be limited to those with $20,000 + home theaters and engineering degrees. Regular guys can have it too, if they know where to look.

Getting my bass proper has been the most dramatic improvement to my home theater so far. Enjoy the site, and please comment, especially if you disagree, that’s how I learn.

Ryan B.

Bass defines your home theater