Setting up your gear

So you’ve got your new gear all set up, and you want to get it dialed in. AVR’s (amps, receivers, etc…) are pretty complicated, even if they are set up for the public at large. Sometimes it’s the little adjustments that can make all of the difference, like speaker distance and crossover.

You also have the “Sub Crawl”, which is a way to maximize your subwoofer’s sound, but I was never really satisfied with the results, and multiple subwoofers (at least dual) cures a lot of the problems a sub crawl is designed to cure. Then there are options like Audyssey which in my opinion improves sound, but still leaves you needing to make a few minor adjustments for your particular preferences (it can adjust your crossovers too low). Hopefully these tips will lessen frustration and get you enjoying home theater quicker.

How I Set Up My Own AVR

Setting Up Your New Subs

Large Vs Small (LFE + Main, Double Bass, etc…)

Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Bass defines your home theater